Upcycle Food Scrap | Regrow a Pineapple

Yes!  You can regrow a pineapple by its top!  I got excited when I learned about this because I love pineapple, so I thought I’d give this a try.  I will post updates on the progress of my pineapple.  If you would like to give this a shot, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Buy a ripe pineapple from your local market.  The greener the leaves, the better.  Mine have a little yellow/brown, but some have shared it’s okay (we’ll see).
  2. The best way to remove the top of the pineapple is by twisting it off.  Once that is done, you will want to peel off the leaves on the bottom … About an inch up the stalk.
  3. Make sure to cut excess fruit, this will cause the pineapple to rot.
  4. Fill a container with enough fresh water to cover the peeled back base of the pineapple.
  5. Place your pineapple top near a sunny window for 2-3 weeks.  You will see roots growing several days later.  Make sure to change out the water every couple of days.
  6. Once your roots have grown, plant your pineapple top firmly in potting soil.
  7. Keep your pineapple plant near a sunny window or outside when it’s warm.  Keep the soil most, but avoid over-watering.
  8. Your pineapple should fully grow in a couple of years, but should start seeing some progress in a couple of months.

I hope this is simple enough and don’t forget to share if you are giving this a shot 😉



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