Earth Day: Recycle Fashion

I may be a day late to share, but you have until April 24th to recycle your unwanted clothes at your local H&M store.  Did my part yesterday and received a 30% off entire purchase coupon.

For more information on their program, click here — H&M World Recycle Week | Garment Collecting Program.  Don’t let fashion go to waste.  Reuse by donating and giving it a second chance.  Or, recycle damaged garments and turn them into new product and/or material.  Plus, save on new clothes!


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Born and living in sunny Southern California. I am a wife, a mother of two wonderful boys, and a proud owner of a Labrador Retriever -- Marley. I work in the fashion industry, but during my free time I love to see what this creative world has to offer. I created this personal blog to share my ideas and passion in all beautiful things in design, fashion, beauty, etc. I have an addiction to a plethora of hobbies and interests. From traveling to DIY projects to food and so much more. I simply enjoy learning and trying out new things. I write what makes me happy and hope to give my readers something to enjoy. XoXo

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